Transfer Mail from Eudora to Thunderbird in Easy Process!

If you are looking for an easy solution to import Eudora into Thunderbird, then using a third party tool is the best option for you. Eudora to Thunderbird Converter is one such tool that supports to import Eudora into Thunderbird with all the email data saved in accurate manner. One of the best conversion tools to transfer email from Eudora to Thunderbird, the software provides 100% accurate conversion with no data loss.

How to Transfer Email from Eudora to Thunderbird?

The software provides easy steps for transferring Eudora emails to Thunderbird, described as follows :

  • Download and launch the software
  • Select Eudora emails, using either of the two selection buttons
  • Since you want to import Eudora into Thunderbird, select .MBOX as the desired file format
  • Choose the file renaming option as per your choice and click OK button

Once you click the OK button, the software will start converting Eudora emails to Thunderbird.

Import Eudora into Thunderbird with all the Supported Benefits

  • Transfer email from Eudora to Thunderbird, either in single mode or in batch mode, as desirable
  • Maintains all the meta data, formatting, links, images, attachments of the email messages
  • Auto detects Eudora mailboxes from its store location
  • Maintains the folder structure layout of the Eudora emails, before and after conversion
  • Compatible with all Eudora, Thunderbird and Windows editions

Here's what one of the user has to say about his experience with the software

When I decided to switch my email client from Eudora to Thunderbird, my next target was getting some good conversion tool to get my job done. Since the emails were very crucial and large in number, I didn't want to compromise on any front. Then I got this Eudora to Thunderbird Converter and got solution to all my problems, in single utility. Thanks team for developing such an amazing tool!

Get Free DEMO for Evaluation Process

Free Demo of the software is there to evaluate its efficiency to the fullest. Demo will also transfer mail from Eudora to Thunderbird, but is limited to only first 25 messages. To import Eudora into Thunderbird without any limitation, purchase the licensed edition of the software offered only at 69USD.