Migration Simplified...


Export mailboxes to .TGZ files. Open Zimbra » "Preference" » "Import/Export", next from "Export Section" migrate Zimbra mailboxes to .TGZ.


Unzip the .tgz file to move towards next step of the Zimbra to Outlook migration process. "Right-Click" on the ZIP file & click on "Extract Files".


Download & Install Zimbra Converter to complete the migration process. Access Zimbra mailboxes in MS Outlook, MS Exchange & Office 365.


Top-Benefits for Zimbra to Outlook

Migrate Zimbra Email Messages

With Zimbra Converter all the email messages can be migrated into MS Outlook without any changes in the messages structure, meta data, formatting. Even attachments are saved in accurate manner. The converted emails can also be viewed in MS Exchange and Office 365.

Converts Zimbra Address Book

A single utility, Zimbra to Outlook Migration tool, also converts Address book contacts from Zimbra mailbox to Outlook , MS Exchange and Office365. While moving the contacts from Zimbra Address Book to Outlook, all the contact's details are persevered in their original form.

Tasks and Calendars Migration

Zimbra Mailbox also contains users' tasks and calendars information and users might need to export Zimbra Calendars to Outlook along with tasks. The software makes sure that all these tasks and calendars are migrated into MS Outlook with precise details.


Zimbra Installation Not Required

An independent utility, there is no requirement for Zimbra to be installed on system for doing the Zimbra to Outlook migration process. Only the extracted .TGZ files are sufficient to carry out the task of migration from Zimbra Mailbox to MS Outlook.

Zimbra Collaboration Suit Migration

Also you can migrate mailboxes from Zimbra Collaboration Suit to Outlook. The procedure will be same, the first you have to export Zimbra mailboxes to TGZ format, then you can migrate them to PST format to access in MS Outlook.

Migrate Zimbra to Exchange & Office365

Users can easily migrate Zimbra Mailboxes into Microsoft Exchange & Office365. Use the tool to first to convert Zimbra to PST and then further import the PST into MS Exchange Server or Office365 accounts, depending upon your requirement.


Large Scale Migration

A useful utility for large organizations it offers Multiple Mailboxes import option, allowing migration of thousands of Zimbra Mailboxes to Outlook in instant go. Multiple Mailboxes option is available with Enterprise edition.

Creates New PST

The software creates a new PST file and saves all the data in their corresponding folders (emails in email folder, calendars in calendars folder) that can be easily viewed in all MS Outlook 32-bit UNICODE editions (2016, 2013 and upto 2003).

Suitable with All Windows OS

Zimbra-Outlook Migration Tool is a Windows based software and recently upgraded to incorporate Windows 10 too. It runs smoothly on all Windows based systems and migrate Zimbra to Outlook Windows 8, 8.1, 10, etc.


Screenshot View

Launch Screen

As the first software screen appear, you will see two conversion option

Select Single Mailbox

Click on Single Box to select Single Mailbox at a time

Select Multiple Mailboxes

Click on Multiple Mailboxes to Select Multiple Mailboxes at a time.


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License Range Starting from here, other options also available; pick any, suiting your requirements.


  • 100% Safe Migration Tool
  • Offers complete accuracy
  • Round the Clock support available
  • Free from all Viruses and Malware

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other facilities you get besides migration?

About Zimbra Converter

  Q: Do I need to purchase separate software to move my emails, address book, calendars and all from Zimbra to Outlook?
A: No, Zimbra Converter will do everything for you. The software not only migrates all these folders to Outlook but also creates a new PST saving all these folders in corresponding Outlook storage folder.
  Q: Can I shift my Zimbra Desktop Suite to Microsoft Exchange?
A: Yes, you can! Just migrate Zimbra to PST and then you can manually import PST file in MS Exchange by running the cmdlet on your Exchange Management Shell.
  Q: Will it support Windows 10 too?
A: Yes, a comprehensive Windows based programming tool, Zimbra Converter is compatible with Windows 10 OS. Other Windows editions are also well supported.
  Q: What Outlook version should I install?
A: The software supports 32-bit platform of Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016.

About Licenses

  Q: Which License will be Best For Me?
A: If you need the software in 1 machine only then Personal License ($299) will be best. If the requirement is for multiple machines then Business License ($499) will be ideal. If you want Zimbra Converter for Forensic purpose then purchase the Forensic License ($799). Enterprise License ($1499) will suit those who have multiple user accounts configured with Zimbra & require to migrate them at once.
  Q: Is large scale Zimbra to Outlook migration available in Personal License?
A: No, multiple mailbox migration of Zimbra Collaboration Suite to Outlook is available only with Enterprise Edition.

Zimbra Converter & You

  Q: What training will I be needing?
A: Nothing, the software has one of the most friendly GUI we know of. It has a self-descriptive GUI, which everyone can understand.